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Make the can happy! Send email to the Can with your tale.

Please include the following:

   Name of the project
   Publisher, if any
   Who worked on the project, and when
   Roughly how many man-months or years went in the can

   Most importantly:
      the tale of the project
      its notable features, oohs and aahs
      anecdotes of its meeting with the can

   Any URLs for fan sites, further info etc.

We can post some screenshots and other material, if you like.

Originally I had intended that all articles should be
'resident' on the site. However, it looks now that it will be
more viable to link to some external write-ups.

If you worked on a title and wish to add commentary, email
it to We are happy to add reasonable comments to
titles listed here.

We will accept most hyperlinks, but almost NO markup. Please send your
comments as plaintext with only a, b, i etc tags. Bear in mind we will
format to standard monospaced font etc. Partly this is to
maintain thecan in a plaintext ready-to-email form at all times.
Partly it is because I am a ye olde 'real ale' Internet user.

Please make it clear whether you want your email to be used in
the text of your entry.

Entries can be short or long. It's totally up to you.

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