5. Babylon 5

Publisher: Sierra On-line, a division of Havas Interactive,
           previously a division of Cendant Software

Developer: Yosemite Entertainment, a Sierra Company, Oakhurst CA
           from early 1998 to Feb 1999.

Sierra Studios, Bellevue WA, from March 1999 to September 1999.

Marc Hudgins - Designer, Art Director
Dan Foy - Designer, Lead Programmer
Randy Littlejohn - Writer, Designer
Christy Marx - Writer, Designer
Vassily Filippov - Programmer
Nicolas Gauvin - Programmer
Victor Sadauskas - Programmer
Stan Trujillo - Programmer
John Walker - AI Programmer
Jeff Reitman - Programmer
Keith Landes - Art Co-ordinator
Stuart Compton - Artist
Victor Crews - Musician, Sound Engineer
David Gehringer - (cool) Producting Marketing Manager

At Yosemite:
Dave - - Programmer
Robin Phanco - Artist
Ken Prugh - Project Manager
Greg Tompko-Pavia - Technical Project Manager
Craig Alexander - Executive Producer, General Manager

At Sierra Studios:
Byrt Martinez - Producer
Mark Hood - General Manager

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