Post Burning Man 1999 Page

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Someone on a webcast took a photo of our camp!

Burning Man 1998 Pictures

Pictures from BM'99

These are my 'selection' from the rolls taken by Janus and I on our 
(well, mostly his, I lost mine) Canon ELPH APS cameras.

Apologies for dusty scans, I was bad and didn't check often enough. 
If any offend let me know and I'll re-scan or remove!

Photos by Daniel James except where marked 
  JA for Janus Anderson
  JS for SuperSnail Julian (thanks!) 
  BP for Brooke Pannell

Note the URL of each photo identifies it. If you'd like reprints, note 
down the roll number (six digits) and photo number and I'll oblidge, within reason!
Also I am happy to do large blow-ups of good shots; the standard size work
best this way, panoramas are hard to enlarge.