Camp Aargh!

Welcome me hearties to Camp Aargh! Be ye with us, or be ye against us?
If ye be against us, ye'll be dead! Join the Pirates of Camp Aargh! to
quaff rum in the Corsair's Cave and scheme some looting across the Playa.
Prepare to be robbed bli.. ahem receive the gift of a Treasure Map.

But don't come looking fer our legendary treasure, or we'll run yer through!

Email Captain Cleaver with commentary.

Last Year: Thumbnails from BM'99
This is in a bit of a 2 and 8 as thecan lost a pile of photos.

Ye Olde ASCII Camp MAP

         |   ye neighbourly pirates
         |                     |
         |    O  [] O  O  [] O |
         | w ________          |
         |   /        \   O  []|
Earth    |  / corsairs \       |  ye terrified                   ---> ye olde man
(street) |     cave    | ye van|  landlubbers
         |  \          /\      |
         |   \________/g       |
         | w          \        |
         |  D* O   O  ye truck |
         |    ye scurvy dogs

O  = 2-pirate tent
[] = small pirate vessel (car)
w  = ocean waves
D* = sea-dragon or wrecked vessel
g  = ship's galley

Provisional and subject to approval and modification

Ye Olde Pirate Links

Notes for the Burning Man Questionnaire

More coming soon, m'hearties. Soon!

Dan's list of Sun 16th July

Okay, here's my list of definites:

- pirate costumes
- swords and so forth
- spare insta-pirate materials to convert landlubbers
- grog and suitable recepticles
- bike lighting (poss inc. waves and a ship and sea creatures)

and for the Treasure Hunt:

- at least two portable treasure caskets, milkcrate size or a but
smaller. Inside is lined with golden coans and illuminated, but has
room for more treasure (that which is robbed from the scurvey dogs)
- treasure, including some illuminated el-gold and jools
- ye olde scroll treasure maps (a good few, anyone hazard an
- clues for the treasure hunt (again a good few)
- some 'treasure' (for real) to start the cache off

My list of desirable maybes:

- more aarghtifacts for treasure (both home decortreasure and
portatreasure, e.g. a statue and a necklace)
- aaargh! household items such as a cannon or two, and el-decorations
(a sign? an el-wire treasure map?)

My number one AAA desired thing:

- a big 'boat' i.e. a double-bicycle or simila, done out as a boat.
Frankly this seems really unlikely. Ah well. I am thinking of doing a
welding course but I very much doubt it will turn out a bike in the
next 5 weeks.


Treasure hunt rules

So I have been thinking about this a bit more, and here's an update:


- Pirates approach landlubbers and terrify them with their thieving
talk and glittering weapons
- Pirates display their great treasure and demand landlubbers loot
- Landlubbers that yield their goods see them placed in the chest and
are given a map.

Thuirs or Fri night (or both)

- The hunt starts at a certain time at the man
- The first clue is at his feet
- At each clue a pirate is stationed to refresh the clue after a team
has found it, and to encourage them.
- The second clue is at another theme camp
- The third clue is a riddle
- The fourth a game that we organise
- The fifth is at the Corsair's Cave
- The final is out at a PlayaParty or a Sound, where we have a big showdown

I am eager to hear more ideas, esp. from the professional game designers
(nudge nudge)


--- OOC: The original Pirate email, now outdated

Hey, so Brooke and I were talking about theme camping this weekend and
we've decided to go with the Pirates! theme. Brooke and I are
officially going to be Pirates.

We have a suggestion for the camp name, too: Camp Aargh! It's easy to
say and easy to remember. (We liked 'Camp Terror on the High Seas'

Are ye with us, or are ye against us? If ye be against us, ye'll be

Key Pirate Advantages

- Pirates costumes are pretty easy to get together with some thrift
shopping and junky store-bought cutlasses etc. Bandana, eye-patch,
cut-offs, stripey shirt, cutlass. Pirate.

- Pirates speak funny ye olde, say Aargh! lots. We are going to be in
character all the time. Well, nearly.

- Pirates can harrass and rob others with abandon. Think of the
cowering maidens / knee-knocking nobelemen you'll meet.

The Treasure Hunt

Further to the third point, we have a nascent idea for an across-BM'00
event: The Camp Aargh! Pirate Treasure Hunt. Here's how it might work:

- throughout the event Camp Aargh! crew go around robbing landlubbers
fer their booty (no, not that kind). We can recruit pirates, too.

- The booty is stashed in treasure chest(s) (think Elwire lit-up
painted polysteyrene milk crates etc). We'll probably include some of
our own booty to spice things up (e.g. 'fine spices' ahem).

- A robbed landlubber or recruited pirate is given a copy of the
treasure map, along with a ryddle that basically tells em to find
certain clues at certain times (other BM events).

- Naturally the clues combine to point to the location of the hidden
treasure - probably to be found at a certain time at a special 'pirate
party' out on the Playa (or back at our base, or something).

- The diligent recruit or landlubber gets their stuff back (multiple
parties can 'win') and we party out on the high seas.

Other points:

- The Camp base would ideally be a beached ship. If you guys recall
our dome, at one point in the construction it kind of looks
ship-shape? Perhaps we could stablise it at that point.

- Alternatively it could just be our 'Corsairs' Cove' i.e. just like
last year. Either way we can re-use all the stuff from before.

- Bikes could somehow be made to look more ship-shape. I have a few
ideas el-wise.

- Ideally we'd have a larger, four-seater 'vessel' in which to 'sail'
about the playa. This needs work!

So, m'hearties, what think ye?